Open Trial Rules

North East Border Collie Association

NEBCA Open Trial Rules

To be a NEBCA qualifying open trial, the trial must meet the following requirements:

  1. Trials must be located in the NEBCA region (see bylaws).

  2. Trial dates and intentions must be agreed to by the Open Trial Committee at least 30 days before the actual trial date.

  3. The trial must be listed in the trial schedule appearing in either the NEBCA newsletter or on the NEBCA web site. "Points trials" and "Time trials" must be listed as such.

  4. The trial must have a minimum of 10 dogs competing.

  5. The trial must report trial results to the Open Trial Committee within 30 days of the trial. If a trial has a final round that does not include all dogs, the results submitted should be from the preliminary round that included all entered dogs.

  6. The NEBCA open trial season ends on July 31. Qualified trials occurring after this date will be applied to the next trial season.

  7. The Open Trial Committee can vote to remove NEBCA qualifying status from any trial that does not follow what are considered standard/accepted practices; or where conditions are not conducive to the health/welfare of all animals involved.

This page last amended 1 March 2013.