Breeders Directory

Breeders Directory

This listing of breeders of Border Collies is for informational purpose only and in no way represents an endorsement of these breeders by the Northeast Border Collie Association. When making inquires for purchasing a pup, NEBCA strongly recommends selecting from sound, proven, working stock.  We suggest you see both parents work.  If you are not able to see the parents working at the farm, do attend the trials and see them working there.

Pam Davies
Hafod Farm
204 County road 513,
Glen Gardner NJ 08826

Lynn Deschambeault
342 Hio Ridge Rd.
Denmark, ME 04022

Beverly Lambert & Doug McDonough
280 Hebron Rd.
Andover, CT 06232

Ron & Michelle Madison
5753 Fuller Gulf Rd.
Cherry Creek, NY 14723

Gene Sheninger & Teri Rhodes
470 Schooleys Mountain Rd. #144
Hackettstown, NJ 07840

Richard & Cheryl Jagger Williams
Culleymont Farm
4825 State Route 2002
Hop Bottom, PA 18824
570-289-4733;   570-499-0318 (cell)

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